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The worlds first interchangeable binocular harness system

05/09/16 | Jonathan Coffey

OK, so maybe not the world's first, but I have never seen something posted before and I have been getting some questions, so I thought I would just throw together a blog post to detail the system and how I use it. The idea came to me after I had switched to using a double harness system. I found that I didn't want to throw on the whole harness just to walk around the park at lunch or have a strap when birding from...

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A San Diego Pelagic - a Trip, a Tale, a Skua

05/02/16 | Jonathan Coffey

It had been nearly a month since my last birding trip to Oklahoma (notice there is no blog post for that...Oklahoma is boring! Lol Not really i’m just busy and a little lazy) and I was growing antsy to get out on another birding trip for some new lifers. If I was even going to come close to 900 total world lifers by the end of this year I knew every species would count. As of this ...

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Is it possible to see Lesser an Greater Prairie Chickens in one trip?

04/04/16 | Jonathan Coffey

It was 2am. I was sleeping on a couch in my brother house. The blanket was large enough to cover vital organs, but that was about it. A light was then turned on. Could it really already be time to leave? I was still so tired. I had left Phoenix for Oklahoma the day before, gotten in, and caught up with family before falling asleep later than usual. Now it was 2am and it was time to leave...

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Proposed AOU Changes for 2016

03/28/16 | Jonathan Coffey

Listers rejoice! There are 19 potential changes to the AOU list in 2016 that could impact your life list. The good news is most of the proposals are splits and name changes, while the one that might sting North American birders the most is the lump of Common and Horay Redpoll. Here is a recap and very simplified version of the proposals that mi...

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Birding San Diego for the first time

03/12/16 | Spencer Coffey

The San Diego Audubon Society annual bird festival was set for the first week in March as it is most years. In preparation for this years festival I reviewed the trip offerings and since I have never been on pelagic, my brother Jonathan, and I decided to attend the festival, and sign up for the Sunday pelagic to see the likely 20 seabirds and lifers we would never otherwis...

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Birding Costa Rica 2016: “That’s our Golden Bird”

02/06/16 | Spencer Coffey

We were coming off a high from Monteverde from seeing so many lifers. We were excited to see what the rest of our trip would entail. We packed up our things and checked out of the hotel early, like 3:30am early. We were both exhausted by this point but we were on a mission. Today we were going to see our “Golden Bird”: the Jabiru. It was nearly 3 hours away and reported ...

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Final day birding Costa Rica 2016

02/04/16 | Spencer Coffey

Final day in Costa Rica

Our last day in Costa Rica and I was still itching for more lifers. I wasn’t sure of the exact lifer count but I knew we had struck big; though, I wanted more. The night before, we did some research on the hotel’s wifi for recent lifers in the area; we used h...

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Birding Costa Rica 2016 Monteverde Cloud Forest

01/25/16 | Jonathan Coffey

In retrospect we should of spent the afternoon's driving between hotspots, as the bird volume was much lower and the heat was nearly unbearable. This trip however we made the mistake of planning to drive the roughly 2 hours between hotspots first thing in the early morning, so that we could be at the hotspot, birding, at 6 am when the sun rose. If you missed this window you would undoubtedly miss a ton of the good bird...

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Birding Costa Rica 2016: day 1

01/21/16 | Jonathan Coffey

I had to work the morning before leaving for Costa Rica. As you can imagine I didn't get much work done. I spent most of the day daydreaming about the lifers I would see and the photos I would take. The HotspotBirding Costa Rica quiz was the only thing on my computer that day. Booking this trip with airline miles meant that I would have to take 3 different airlines ...

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Birding Photography on the Nikon D750 compared to D5200

12/31/15 | Jonathan Coffey

It was a wonderful Christmas for HotspotBirding! Included under the tree this year, and on top my list, was the Nikon D750 camera body. There were many selling features on this camera for me, but perhaps most of all was the noise reduction, ISO, and low light superiority to other cameras in a similar range. Here in this post i'll compare some of the images side by side so you can get a feel for difference.  Read More

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