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Personalized Birding Dashboard

Hotspot Birding dashboards are the first of their kind. They provide easy access and all the relevant information for birders to monitor, track, and prepare for all their birding adventures. Hotspot Birding dashboards include widgets to monitor your favorite local patch, find lifers, view nearby activity, find new hotspots and opportunities, track your sms alerts and much more.

Track Lifers

Local Patch Tracker

Data Visualization

Personalized Birding Dashboards

Personalized birding dashboards are portals tailored to each birders needs. Easily track your lifers, get real-time updates, chart and visualize your sighting data like never before and much more. Dashboards are completely FREE and will only work to further enhance your birding experiences!
  • Local Patch Tracker
  • Proposed Weekend Planner
  • Monitor Nearby Activity
  • Automatic SMS alerts for all your lifers
  • Listen to your favorite podcasts
  • Read top blogs