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HotspotBirding makes it easy to always be in the know when it comes to lifers. You'll never miss another opportunity to track down the next big thing.

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It's quick and easy to upload your eBird life list to HotspotBirding. This will allow you to automatically track lifers throughout HotspotBirding pages such as; Roadtrip, Hotspot Details, Species Details, SMS Alerts, Dashboards and many more!

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Your free membership to HotspotBirding includes access to popular features such as Lifer Tracker. However it is so much more. When you sign up for a HotspotBirding account we'll create your very own custom birding dashboard, which will help you plan weekend birding trips, track down lifers, improve your birding abilities and much more. Likewise, our supporting memebers include additional benefits.

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